Why Us?

While our car wash provides the fastest, most convenient and effective way to wash your car. There are many other reasons to have confidence that you’ve done the right thing by coming here.

Better for the Environment

We use environmentally-friendly cleaners and shampoos, and all water is reclaimed or safely discharged into our local water treatment facility… never allowed to run into local waterways.

Fast Track Car Wash also captures, retains, and then properly disposes of tons of potentially hazardous sludge that it collects from washing cars each year.

There’s a lot of potentially hazardous stuff that can build up on your car—heavy metals, phosphates, motor oil, antifreeze and other hazardous substances. If you are not careful, all of this can go straight into the storm drain system (which doesn’t receive any treatment) and in many cases goes directly into our local waterways and has been proven to harm fish and other water life.

Better for your Vehicle

Our environmentally-friendly washing methods and materials are consistent with those recommended in Owner’s Manuals of most major makes of cars, vans, pickups and SUVs.

… and Saves you Time

Washing your vehicle by hand at home can easily take 30 min or more. Here, we’ll wash your car in a fraction of that time …time you can use to derive more pleasure with what is important to you.